Clearing and settlement now has a mandated role at the center of capital markets.

Governments around the globe continue to implement clearing mandates for the $600+ trillion dollar (US) OTC derivatives market:

Welcome to our competitive community for negotiated transactions for virtually all types of public and private securities, businesses and business assets.

There are no membership or posting fees in our community.

The posting of IOI – Indications of Interest (for public, private securities and other assets) is free. Our registered members may post an IOI to buy or sell virtually any type of asset for negotiated transactions.

The features of our community:

  • A non-regulated Web 2.0 trading community for self-directed investors.
  • A neutral and competitive community operating without favor to any asset class, investor or licensed service provider.
  • Limited social media. Only corporate press releases and public announcements will be posted in our social media for the benefit of shareholders and lenders.
  • Companies and community members may shape also their message with videos throughout our community.
  • Our community is inclusive, globally accessible, and it operates without geographic restrictions.

The benefits to our registered members:

  • Direct, peer-to-peer, negotiated price discovery.
  • A global directory of pre and post trade settlement service providers that are ready to assist with their ‘best-efforts’.
  • Global distribution of IOI is available 24/7.
  • Our limited social media only accepts the posts of corporate press releases and other public announcements so companies may communicate with their shareholders and lenders.
  • Build global, peer-to-peer, trading relationships.

The benefits to our featured service providers: 

  • This is a competitive Web 2.0 community for unlimited Wall Street participation.
  • Our competitive community is neutral, and operates without favor to any service provider, asset or investor.
  • Quickly enter into new markets, forge closer ties with Africa, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.
  • Our social media improves communication effectiveness and minimizes the risk for key constituents.
  • A primary focus of our community is to refer our members to our featured service providers.
  • There is no stress testing or fire drills.
  • Immediate participation in a non-regulated global venue for liquidity.

One important issue:

Our members are not allowed to raise capital within our community. If a member attempts to raise capital in our community, we will immediately remove the posted information.

Let’s enjoy our community and not jeopardize the participation of any membership.

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware. If you require any form of assistance contact your licensed attorney and or securities broker.

Governments around the globe continue to implement clearing mandates for the $600+ trillion dollar (US) OTC derivatives market:

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