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Featured Service Providers

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  • Orbis
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  • Escrow.com
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  • Eurex Clearing


The Path to Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion is a tool to help wealth management firms assess their current activities and envision a course to move forward. Learn more: https://go.fidelity.com/r6cr6d

Younger investors are looking for their advisors to offer more than just traditional financial guidance. Learn more about the ways advisors may be able to support the higher levels of value expected by Gen XYZ investors here: https://go.fidelity.com/t425cn

16 wealth management M&A transactions occurred in August. To get the details, check out our latest report: https://go.fidelity.com/wdzpsu

$27.5B in assets changed hands due to wealth management M&A deals in August. View the report: https://go.fidelity.com/nfgr79

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The next edition in our #GFFpodcast series features @__isla Chairman Jonathan Lombardo and #Clearstream’s Marc Poinsignon looking at the importance of Triparty Agents for the #securitieslending market. Tune in! #GFF https://bit.ly/3lZhn47

Global home of #MSCI index #futures: with the addition of MSCI Brazil, #Eurex now has a regional & country offering that fully encompasses the LatAM market, giving access to the Brazilian #equity markets from outside of Brazil. Find more information here: https://bit.ly/33Np98O

Welcome on board: @LaBanquePostale has joined our GC Pooling market. A joint product between #EurexRepo, #EurexClearing, and @Clearstream, GC Pooling provides the French bank with access to a large cleared triparty #repo market. https://bit.ly/3kt23gn

The futurization of financial markets: join @Opalesque's webcast with industry experts on 7 October to explore #Eurex’s Total Return #Futures portfolio, & learn more about their benefits & about how they deliver #margin efficiency & #trading opportunities. https://bit.ly/3Ewgg4h

Today marks a historic moment as ten new constituents join the German flagship index #DAX. Read more about the reform and its impact on #derivatives #trading here: https://bit.ly/3kq9zJe

Deutsche Börse Group@DeutscheBoerse

#DAX40 is all around. #40isthenew30 #DAX @Qontigofinance

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Join DTCC & #Acadia on Thursday 14 October to learn from industry experts as well as colleagues who were recently impacted by UMR Phase 5. Register now: https://cvent.me/gRAv2V?RefId=Twitter

Join DTCC's Matt Bergerman today at 1:05 p.m. EDT live on the Neudata Data Insight & Scouting Summit to hear how DTCC’s Kinetics #data can help amplify your investment approach: https://www.neudata.co/events/autumn-online-summit

We are excited to sponsor ISLA's virtual AGM & Securities Finance Forum on October 6-7. Join us over the two days at our virtual booth to discover helpful resources on upcoming #finreg and see how we can help improve your #posttrade processes. Learn more: https://www.islaemea.org/isla-events/isla-agm-securities-finance-forum-2021/home/

Learn how the need for evidence & validation helps investors build perspective to support risk, valuation, & financial benchmarking. Tune in to hear Bob Iati of @burtontaylor perspective on the need for better evidence in observations of trade activity: https://www.dtcc.com/podcasts?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=posttrade_data_value

ITP is working to make SSI automation through ALERT even more accessible. With Global Custodian Web, smaller firms are now able to utilize all of the benefits of ALERT with ease. Read what Moira Kiernan had to share about the new feature: https://www.dtcc.com/dtcc-connection/articles/2021/september/09/expanding-industry-access-to-alert-through-global-custodian-web

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Test out how you can benefit from EasyFocus - the new predictive matching prioritisation tool enabled by AI.

Enjoy a free trial from now until 31 December 2021!



Join us tomorrow at the virtual #NetworkForum Americas Meeting! Discover key CSD developments in Latin America - from technology, operations to regulations.

Check out the full conference agenda here: https://pos.li/2jjuoc

With the incoming CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime, it is key that you are equipped with the tool that helps you quickly and accurately identify the most critical unmatched instructions.

Find out how EasyFocus might be just the right tool for you: https://pos.li/2jllox

Introducing EasyFocus - our new predictive matching prioritisation tool enabled by AI. With the insights provided by EasyFocus, you can reduce matching fails and pre-empt CSDR penalty.



Miguel Ferreira, Euroclear's Regional Head Americas, will be moderating the LatAm CSDs in Focus panel at this year's #NetworkForum Americas Meeting. Join us at this live panel to find out about the major CSD developments in the region.

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Are you ready for the upcoming LIBOR cessation? Review our interview with our own Chief Investment Officer, Jason Granet, for insights as we approach the deadline. https://bny.mn/3CBRYnN

With capital markets transforming before our eyes, what structural changes are needed to support long-term growth & resilience? Our Chief Growth Officer Akash Shah & @wef’s Matthew Blake explore six tensions inherent to today’s global financial ecosystem. https://bny.mn/3nUyeb0

For #HispanicHeritageMonth, our Miguel Carrera Chang shares how traditions like Ecuadorian food and music keep him connected to his culture. https://bny.mn/3Ay5zvF

What are the key factors to consider if active non-transparent ETFs are to translate in Europe? https://bny.mn/3CimByu

September 22nd marks 100 days until the end of LIBOR. Review our factsheet to help assess your LIBOR cessation readiness. https://bny.mn/3EtbIeP

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Průvodce seniora světem financí 💰
V 10 příběhových kapitolách srozumitelně vysvětlujeme např. to, jak se připravit na důchod, jaký účet nebo spoření zvolit nebo na co si dát pozor při práci na internetu.


Otevřeli jsme první regionální centrálu v Hradci Králové! 🎈✂️
Nadčasová budova splňuje nejpřísnější ekologické standardy a je maximálně přizpůsobená zaměstnancům a jejich flexibilní práci.



Markéta Cechman bude od 1. října novou ředitelkou útvarů Zpracování operací a Nákupu. Markétě gratulujeme k nové roli a přejeme hodně úspěchů!

Nenechte si ujít dnešní debatu mezi @misalhotkova a @evapavlikova z @CeskoDigital nejen o digitalizaci a inovacích v online prostoru.
Sledovat ji můžete dnes od 15:00.

#Inovace #BuďtevObraze

V udržitelnosti patříme na českém trhu mezi lídry a teď to potvrzuje průzkum společnosti Impact Metrics, který se zaměřuje na sběr dat o udržitelnosti firem.

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