About Me

    I am a freelance AutoCAD designer since 1996, have studied architecture at TU Delft University in Netherlands from 1985 to 1989 and have been an autodidact Internet Marketer since 2003.

    My experience in the field of online marketing has culminated in a short eBook that provides readers with an expert insight into making money in saturated markets. My first book is an important reference for those interested in drawing income from these areas.

    A French and Arabic native speaker, I have greatly challenged myself to writing this project regardless the fact that English is my third language.

    I currently receive part of my income online with the goal of becoming a full time online entrepreneur by 2020. I am married and a father of 2 daughters, living between Morocco and Florida and also speak Spanish and Dutch. I have passion for social and professional networking, and am also interested in 3D printing, arts, photography, Hi-Tech, green energy and Forex trading.