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Patent is for sale. We require free grant-back licensing. I’ve provided a short description of the patent, but the patent’s 12 claims cover a lot more than the short description. Serious buyers should review all claims and make a serious offer. I’ve also provided the link to USPTO site. Patent is also valid under WIPO.

Short Description: The patent covers any system/platform allowing users to scan ANY two-dimensional code to transfer contact information. The two-dimensional code may be displayed electronically (i.e. smart device) or may be printed out (i.e. name tag at a convention). Contact information may include any combination of the following: name, phone number, email address, home/office address, and social media pages.

This system makes the process of transferring contact information very quick and simple. No more need to manually enter information into a contact book, which takes time. No more need to ask the person you meet what his/her Facebook or Instagram name is. Through a simple scan, all that information will be transferred into your contacts list. And this patent gives you and whomever you license it to, the right to be the only person/company that may incorporate this system.

As mentioned previously, this description is only a part of what the entire patent covers, and buyers should read all claims, which are available on the USPTO site, to understand ALL points that are covered. Please don’t ask us questions about the patent. Do your research, I’ve also provided the link for you to view the patent. For all offers, contact Vick at (818) 585-2174.


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