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Street#25 above discovery ElDorado Creek Rd
Zip/Postal CodeYOB IGO

Survival Retreat & Camp; Gold Mining Claims
Tell me where you can find a place that has no real-estate taxes, year around livable cabin, 206 acres of rich gold potential ground to produce needed cash flow and live in a beautiful pristine wilderness setting? If you are thinking of bugging out of the rat race, take a good look at this:

9 gold mining claims…All claims are 500’x2000’…Two remodeled cabins….one with running (hot/cold) water/inside toilet and shower/gas cooking and refrig/wood stove in living room/two bedroom and fully remodeled (year around livable)..other cabin one bed/kitchen/wood stove….several sheds and 40′ conex converted to 5 locking storage bays…25 above discovery on Eldorado crk and 8 claims on Orogrande gulch (off Eldorado about 1 mile from cabin). Eldorado claim next to airstrip. Ponds near by that can be used. There is an unmined bench/bedrock reef where bucket line dredge couldn’t work near the cabins and sheds.. Orogande claims (one mile up the road from cabins) run continuous with about 80′ wide mining cut on the lower four claims….24′ travel trailer (move-in ready) and several sheds. Lots of area virgin to mining with 4 upper claims showing only old timer workings. Modern operators ran into very rich ground that was frozen and skipped it. Selling due to age (84) ….I’ll add that I’m putting this up for the owner who isn’t interested in any % deal or long term pay off…he’ll allow a due diligence period but wants to conclude asap…I personally have panned 1.25 ozs of gold in 2 hrs on the Eldorado claim (my personal best panning) and think with a livable cabin and all the other buildings that the Eldorado claim is worth at least 50K by itself and the Orogrande claims 25K each…meaning he’s leaving lots of dollars on the table with this deal.

As well as for US citizens, this would be a perfect ‘survival’ location if things get too hot in the USA…you can live on your mining claims while mining….yes, US citizen can mine in the Yukon with out restrictions. Many have asked what it takes to keep the claims in good standing: There is a requirement to do assessment work on a yearly basis for the claims. The requirement is roughly $100 USD per claim per year. The money you spend to build roads or mine or drill can be banked forward and used to defray these yearly costs until exhausted. At the moment, there’s enough banked to satisfy the assessment requirement for several years. Another question relates to permits…the water permit seems to take the most time to get and there are people in Dawson that know how to run the permit through the different agencies and for a fee will do this for you. The other mining permits are straight forward and easier to do yourself. ( )….recreational miners such as metal detectorists and hand mining don’t have much permit requirements ….. email or call for further information..360 877 9892 or 206 818 3127 please no text ..

Video courtesy of Millennium Trust