Trinity Yachts to be completed Plus: Trinity Name Available


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CountryUnited States
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  • We can offer two incomplete hulls and superstructure that remain unsold in dry storage.
    We can offer the two yachts “As is Where Is”
    We have also be given to authorization to sell in addition the Trinity Name.

    In our listings is a shipyard that is well suited to complete these two yachts.

    For hull T-052, it currently is only a hull and superstructure, not yet attached and without any equipment installed. It is available with no equipment for $1,980,000.00 million net or $4,840,000.00 net with all the equipment, including the Cat 3512s, Reintjes gears, gensets, davit, etc.. New Cat 3512’s alone would cost over $2.0million.

    For hull T-056 which is the completely assembled hull with 35% of the lower piping installed, along with the MTU main engines, gears, genset’ s, and equipment noted in the ad included, owner to net, net $6,604,950.00 million. (After vetting of Client) There is a surveyor’s valuation report, he placed the value at $7.6million while there was a shipyard cost to date of over $10.0million when work was stopped.
    Both boats have been made to be able to be towed or loaded out on a ship. In December, the yachts were towed to Gulfport, MS from New Orleans.

    We can offer at this time a yard to purchase in the Gulf of Mexico region for sale to start your own yacht manufacturing and complete these two yachts at: $26,500,000.00 Firm offer valued appraisal of yard at nearly 95 Mil.

    Video courtesy of ABN-AMRO