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We’re excited to return as a sponsor of #ALTSLA2023 and look forward to seeing you there next week. Learn how we support the professional investor community:

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From Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to own a brokerage firm on Wall Street, to Janet Yellen, the first female U.S. Treasury Secretary, thank you to all the "first" women for opening the doors of the financial industry to those who followed.

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It’s all about what you gain — online access to statements, tax information and the ability to invest your account in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs or even take a distribution. Start here:

#SavingAutomatically through an employer plan, regardless of the amount, is key to growing health, #retirement and #emergencysavings balances.

#ASW2023 #AmericaSavesWeek

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Pełnomocniczka #MF ds. #SRRK @katarzynaszwarc na Kongresie #EdukacjaFinansowa i Przedsiębiorczości: Strategia Edukacji Finans., nad którą pracujemy, pomoże obywatelom w podejmowaniu świadomych decyzji inwestycyjnych i w finansach osobistych. To nie ma być szkolenie z kapitalizmu.

Prezes @KDPW_ i @kdpw_ccp M. #Trybuchowski w rozmowie z @puls_biznesu mówi o technologicznym potencjale Grupy #KDPW, podsumowuje miniony rok, a także wskazuje na wyzwania stojące przed rynkiem kapitałowym.

Maciej #Trybuchowski, prezes @KDPW_ i @kdpw_ccp , został wyróżniony tytułem Innowatora Roku w plebiscycie Home & Market. Redakcja wyróżniła osoby, które „mają otwarte głowy i wyprzedzają swoją rzeczywistość".

20 marca br. @ecb uruchomił nowy system #TARGET służący do rozliczeń wysokokwotowych w EUR. @KDPW_ i @kdpw_ccp dostosowały swoje systemy do nowej platformy.

Co można zrobić, aby ułatwić zdalny udział w #WZA? Na to pytanie odpowiada w rozmowie z @Parkietcom Michał #Stępniewski, wiceprezes @KDPW_ .

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Preparing for marginal gains: in an article, published on @RiskDotNet, #Eurex and @BarclaysCIB discussed the opportunities for cross-product #margining to achieve cost savings & efficiencies, & how #BuySide clients can use it to maximize value. Read more:

Deep diving into the #Eurex-LCH basis: get a better understanding of the topic and find out more on potential #trading opportunities in our latest discussion paper. Download it here:

The trusted path to #crypto: Our latest #DigitalAsset #trading report, published in cooperation with @Acuiti, provides insights to the institutions active on the #derivatives market. Take a look at the 5 key takeaways & have a more detailed read here:

#Throwbackthursday to #Eurex’s Focus Day, where we deep dived into the topic of #Sustainability: from carbon markets, sustainable financial & energy derivatives, sustainable transition to climate targets. Missed the event? Watch the recordings here:

🏆 The year ends satisfyingly: #Eurex has been named "European Exchange of the Year” by @FOWgroup. We feel flattered & see this award as a further incentive to find more innovative solutions together in 2023. Further statements on the ceremony here:

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DTCC's Mutual Fund Services announced a new milestone through its MF Info Xchange platform reaching the highest volume yet by successfully delivering over 6,000 event notifications to over 648,000 recipients.

DTCC today announced the launch of its LIBOR Benchmark Replacement Index solution to support the industry’s transition from LIBOR benchmark rates to SOFR and other fallback rate indices by June 30, 2023.

DTCC issued a first-ever analysis on climate-related financial risk may impact market infrastructures, in a new whitepaper, that highlights the unique nature of FMIs' exposure to climate-related risk and emphasizes value of existing regulatory framework.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: DTCC's new white paper identifies how enhanced data exchange and management can propel new insights across firms and markets:

DTCC's Alternative Investment Product (AIP) reaches a new milestone in processing client transactions since inception leveraging this service.

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Meet Danny Missotten, Deputy Head of Group Strategy, Euroclear group. Originally from Italy, his passion is travelling, meeting people and experiencing new cultures, ways of living, and cuisines.

Happy new year 2023 and to many more opportunities to #collaborate for a better common future!

Book a meeting with our Davos delegation at #WEF23 to explore how we can find solutions through collaboration:

Meet Caroline Derocle, Senior Product Manager, Euroclear group, who is based in Paris and is half French and half Spanish. For her, an inclusive workplace means respect for everyone and valuing their contribution.

At Euroclear, we #innovate to bring safety, efficiency and connections to global financial markets for sustainable economic growth.

Which is why we are joining leaders & experts at #WEF23 to accelerate the sustainable transition:

#Collaboration for a better common future is at the heart of Euroclear’s DNA, and we are excited to join leaders from public and private sectors at #WEF23 next month.

Find out more:
#EuroclearAtDavos #TrustedFMI

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The biggest takeaway from the Fed Wednesday was uncertainty, says BNY Mellon’s John Velis. Fed Chair Powell said the FOMC is taking a meeting-to-meeting approach. Officials are unsure of the economic impact of tighter financial conditions. #aerialviewbites #bnymellon #fomc

Alicia Levine, head of investment strategy and equity advisory solutions, was featured on @BloombergTV ‘Surveillance’ to discuss the Fed, how inflation has not been linear and how the market keeps pricing in the pivot. Watch:

BNY Mellon iFlow data shows a much larger drawdown in institutional flows into banks of late than into insurance and diversified financials. This suggests concerns are concentrated on the banking industry and not the wider financial system. #aerialviewbites #banks

In our first podcast with @StanfordLTI, Rohan Singh and Dr. Ashby Monk discuss the challenges asset owners face when implementing innovation, why collaboration with peers is key and frameworks that can be adopted to accelerate organizational growth.

A 25bp rate hike from the Fed next week still seems likely but there is also the case for a ‘hawkish hold’, according to BNY Mellon’s John Velis.

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🟢 Právě odstartoval první ročník soutěže #Zelená obec roku 🟢
Ve spolupráci s @hospodarky a REMA Systém jsme vyhlásili soutěž pro všechny obce, které se angažují v udržitelném fungování a mají odpovědný postoj k životnímu prostředí.

Trh s hypotékami je zamrzlý několik měsíců v řadě, hypotéky se prodávají s úrokovou sazbou okolo 6% a jsou nejvýše za 20 let. Jak často dochází k zástavám nemovitostí? A jaké typy nemovitostí zlevňují nejvíce.
Martin Vašek pro @hospodarky.

Členka našeho představenstva @misalhotkova je i letos v kategorii Manažerka v žebříčku #TOPženyČeska - gratulujeme!
Žebříček vyhlašují @hospodarky s cílem zviditelnit úspěšné ženy a prostřednictvím jejich příběhů inspirovat další.

V roce 1893 byla založena fotbalová @ACSparta_CZ Sparta, teď začíná partnerská spolupráce ČSOB, @Mastercard a Sparta Praha.
Společně s #Mastercard se stáváme platebním inovátorem pro AC Sparta. S klubem chceme rozvíjet moderní a inovativní služby zvyšující zážitky fanoušků.

Dáváme kartám nový život - hlasování odstartovalo 💳♻
Až do 9.4. může veřejnost hlasovat o nejlepší umělecké dílo z plastových karet, resp. z jejich drti.
Do soutěže bylo doručeno 27 uměleckých děl, budou soutěžit v 5 kategoriích. Vítěze oznámíme 19.4.

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